The Real Reason Why You Have Negative Information on Your Credit Report

Negative information on your credit report can be a real downer. There you are, trying to improve your credit and actually move on with all of your financial goals and then you get told that you really get do any of that. That’s a low blow, but it really doesn’t have to be that way …

How To Repair Your Own Credit Report – Part 2

3. Identify and mark the
negative items on your credit report. Here are the items you’re looking for: -late payments
 -tax liens
 -inquiries that you don’t recognize as belonging on your report 4. Stop! It’s time to do some homework! I bet that’s not what many of you wanted to …

Cracking Your Credit Report The Right Way!

If you’re really ready to address the subject of bad credit, you are going to have to pull your actual credit report. Now, a lot of people know that but they forget a few things in the process. This means that while they want to improve their credit score and get more credit in the …